We have reached our target in less than a week! Amazing response by everyone. We are humbled & very thankful of all the donations made. On behalf of Sholing FC, thanks again, we have brilliant supporters & sponsors!

Huge thanks to the following for your kind & generous donations:

Graham Deacon
Wessex Funeral Services
Greg Dickson
Ross Davis
Adrian Knight
Paul Knott
Michael Butcher
Steve White
Steve Mooney
Tom Agar
Ray Bird
Jonathan Atkins
Jon Harris
Steve Smith
Andrew Rogers
Gerry Roberts
Kevin Roe
Benjamin Stewart
Bill Agar
Richard Mason
Andy Hill
Jon Newell
Adam Lee
Helen Diaper
Martin Mullier
Roy Honeybone
Dan Roe
Joel Whitfield
Aaron Neilson
Lee Banks
Adrian Brown
Sam Mannings-Hill
Sholing First Team Squad
Glen Hammond
Chris & Trevor Lewis
Mark Costello
David Allen
Mary Tierney
Jimmy Dallow
Chris Dunn-Veale (Epilepsy Research Challenge 10000)
Lee Edmond-Hiett
The Targett Family
Mark Hiett
Lee & Larry Bright
Iain & Nita Calder
Jon Stanners
Ryan Ashford
Trevor Diaper
Richard Woollett
Trevor Goodman
Andrew Matthews
Michael Jones
Andy & Dave Jones
Matt Howell
John Dunn
Melanie Fouch
Philip Camfield
James Goodway
Clubhouse Bar Staff
Clubhouse Tea bar Staff
Ray Tyrrell Memorial
Carly Kinsey
Sholing Branch of the Sligo Rovers Supporters Club
Mandy Gerrard
Marley Guthrie
Sholing Branch of the Sligo Rovers Supporters Club, again!
Aurelio Bello
Keith Legg
Sean Jenkins
Barry Humby
Stacey Willmer

and the 16 people who made anonymous donations.