What is a Sholing Football Club? : It's a football club in Sholing

Just how many names have you had? : Five (Woolston Works, Thornycrofts (Woolston), Vosper Thornycroft, VTFC & Sholing FC

Why so many? : Club was a work's team for the Woolston shipbuilding yard. Companies change names, but association with Woolston ended when VT closed the yard in 2009 and pulled funding from the associated sports clubs.

Why call yourself Sholing? : Because that's the nearest suburb of Southampton to the ground.

But you are technically not in Southampton, but just inside the boundary to Eastleigh? : Don't get technical with me, smarty.

Are you anything to do with Sholing Sports FC? : No. They were a successful local club during the 70's & 80's, playing at Birch Lawn, but folded in 1994 when the ground was sold for housing. Some local newspapers still think we are the same club, but that's journalism for you.

Do you have to be called Mason or Diaper to play for Sholing? : No, but it helps.

Who owns the ground? :  It's on a long lease to VT Sports Group (Football club, Cricket Club, Bowls Club & Pigeon Club) from the company that took over ownership of Vospers, Doosan Babcock.

Is "Onion" available to hire? : Yes, he's available for Corporate functions, weddings & bar mitzvahs.

Did you win the FA Vase? : Yes, in 2014 at Wembley Stadium, beating West Auckland Town 1-0, with the winning goal by Marv McLean in the 71st minute as he latched onto a through ball by Mark Bright to hit an angled shot across the keeper and into the far side of the net to spark wild celebrations that lasted days.  But, we don't talk about it much.

Did you once get relegated because of a lack of Toilets? : There were other factors, but in essence, yes.

But Budweiser gave you £100,000, I saw it on a tv advert!?  Where has that gone? : After a couple of frustrating years waiting on the FA to decide whether to build a "Park Life" centre at our ground, we ended up going our own way and used the funds available to us to build a new clubhouse with a new changing room block to follow.

What colours do you play in? :  Red & White Striped shirts, black shorts & socks.  Change strip of Blue & White shirts, blue shorts & blue socks. (I preferred our yellow & blue away kit, but it's sore point)

Why are you called "The Boatmen"? : Because the club's history is based upon the men who built boats (ships).

Why do you have a Sailing ship on your badge when the Woolston yard built Destroyers, Frigates & Mine-hunters? : Good point.

Who is the most attractive player at the club? :  All of them, obvs.

Would you be interested in a once in a lifetime deal to receive millions of pounds from a distant relative in Africa? : Yes, yes we would.